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Adobe SVG Viewer is plug-in for browsers which will let you view SVG Graphics
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Adobe SVG Viewer is plug-in for internet browser which will let you view Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG), this is language based on XML and designed for building data-driven, interactive, and optimized graphics for the Web. According to Adobe, The Adobe SVG viewer supports most SVG elements, as well as CSS properties and DOM elements. Additionally, the ActiveX control has been signed so you don't have problems with the ActiveX security warning introduced with Windows XP Security Pack 2.
After I installed it, I read some of the documentation available -which is not much for the average user- and I found out that you can also save the images as compressed SVG files with the SVGZ format (which I had never heard before). For those like me the following might be important:
SVG is a vector image format that was stablish language since 2000.
SVG drawings can be dynamic and interactive.
Adobe currently supports SVG in several of its authoring and server products, including Illustrator, InDesign, GoLive, Version Cue, Graphics Server, FrameMaker, and FrameMaker Server, among many.

Germán González
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  • It does what you require it to do


  • It's a plug-in, you have to know where to look for it because some browsers still don't have native support
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